Andrew has been delivering powerful keynotes and seminar programs for over 20 years to organizations in industries such as, multi-family housing, property management, advertising sales, Internet & radio sales and other small, medium & large organizations. He has been teaching and training with an energetic and dynamic style and has conducted over 100 keynote/seminars with participants around the country with his “real-world” approach, not the generic fluff. Andrew uses lots of humor and high energy to illustrate his points with real life stories.


He recently published his first book called “A Celebration of Life, A Story of Hope, A Miracle & The Power of Attitude”. It's a story of overcoming adversity through perseverance & a positive attitude as he takes you through his life altering struggle and eventual triumph over a rare autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. This book follows years of writing business, motivational and personal development articles, many of which have been published in national and regional magazines.


Andrew's well-rounded experiences make him an ideal speaker on all areas of personal inspiration, leadership, sales and customer service. If you haven't experienced Andrew's keynotes, you're missing out.....


The only thing you have to lose is your competitive edge!!





Based on his new book and inspiring story of Andrew’s triumph to overcome a rare and deadly autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. Andrew speaks from the heart about his unbalanced life, the stress which brought on his medical crisis. Andrew shares how easy our lives get out of control and we create unwanted stress.  He shares how he dealt with days of despair while on dialysis and how he used his two secret weapons, the power of positive thinking and persistence to triumph.  His doctors called him the “miracle boy of Phoenix”. Andrew delivers powerful tips to help you reduce stress in your life, earn more of your freedom back and have fun again.  Be a participant in your life, not a bystander. As a business coach and inspirational speaker, Andrew continues to help people find that inner voice to help them succeed.  As Andrew says, “Attitude is the fuel to accomplishment.”




Tap into your inner-powers to unleash your potential in any situation. This highly motivating keynote examines the person “within” you, the importance of attitude and where to find it. We’ll share the three ingredients to business success and perform a “self-assessment” exercise to help you identify your strengths and weakness. We’ll discuss how the choices you make and the goals you set create your destiny!




This seminar focuses on powerful leadership tools and coaching skills to provide your company with stronger employee retention and higher profits. “Speed of the Leader is Speed of the Gang”. During this seminar we’ll discuss how to acquire the “right” people the first time, how to create mentoring programs to build a strong farm team and how to build an effective management team. Learn what the T.E.A.M. in team is really all about. Also, we’ll share powerful coaching skills to transform you from a manager to a successful coach.




One of the biggest challenges facing your organization today is creating “accountability” from the top to the bottom within your organization. How frustrating is it when people point fingers at each other or say “it’s not my job”, or when management blames sales, sales blames support and customer support blames the customer? In this powerful program we’ll discover whether you are someone who is accountable or not just by the questions you ask others and how those on your team can discipline themselves to take responsibility for their actions. Learn what the T.E.A.M. in team is really all about. When everyone is practicing performance accountability everyone wins-your customers, your support team, your sales and your management team.




Most companies spend more time, energy and money trying to get customers in their front door, yet they forget about their current customers walking out the back door.  In this powerful keynote discover the 5 key aspects of customer service and customer retention. We’ll introduce to you how to create “moments of truth” with your customers and explore why customers stop doing business with you. The answers will shock you! We’ll also share great retention ideas to work with any size budget. What do you have to you lose, except your bottom line?